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The Tea 3 Foundation will consider projects fitting well-defined criteria to allocate funds in a fair and balanced manner.  Our Board of Directors will follow a thorough process of evaluation prior to issuing approvals. The projects funded by The Tea 3 Foundation are designed to meet our community’s needs in the following three areas:


Our community’s children, their physical and mental health, development and education are the pillars of a bright future.  Thus, any projects or activities that foster a healthy and well balanced future will be considered.


Many military families of Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine forces call this community home.  The Tea 3 Foundation’s projects focus on supporting these families during lengthy deployments, especially while facing challenges in caring form educating, and keeping their children and spouses healthy.

Our pets are cherished and much loved members of our families.  They also provide emotional support to those afflicted by mental and emotional health ailments, and contribute to our end goal of a well-balanced life in our community.