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Welcome to the Rancho Santa Fe
Tea3 Foundation, a California Nonprofit Corporation that gives Time, Talent,
Treasure to other foundations to
benefit the children, military, and
animals in our community.

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Our community’s children, their physical and mental health, development and education are the pillars of a bright future.  Thus, any projects or activities that foster a healthy and well balanced future will be considered.


Many military families of Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine forces call this community home. The Tea 3 Foundation’s projects focus on supporting these families during lengthy deployments, especially while facing challenges in caring form educating, and keeping their children and spouses healthy. Our projects also support post-9/11 veterans and their families in meeting their specific needs.


Animals provide emotional support to those afflicted by mental and emotional health ailment. They also contribute to our end goal: A well balanced life in our community. Our projects are also dedicated to helping other animal sanctuaries and organizations with  areas that are underfunded and need our support.

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