Founder & Board Member

Charo says that “she is just a girl who grew up in NYC from a Puerto Rican family with roots in Spain”. At age 18 her first signs of entrepreneurship became evident when she started a clothing factory business. This led her to pursue design, marketing/ merchandising studies at FIT in NY while opening her fashion boutique in Brooklyn at age 20.

Raising her children Mario, Alejandra and Emilio in Coronado and Rancho Santa Fe, she now feels fortunate to have added Jimmy, Morgan and grandchildren Valentina and Ignacio to her family.

Calling herself a “natural wanderer”, Charo experienced other cultures by living in various states in the USA and Mexico. In Europe she has lived in Paris, London, Madrid, Rome and Amsterdam. Being an avid reader and autodidact adds to her enjoyment of a fruitful life of philanthropic purpose, chairing fundraising galas and supporting several nonprofit organizations, mostly those that benefit children.